Corporations need professional camera crews for many reasons. They may want to highlight a product being manufactured in a local plant; they may want to present ideas to business partners or potential investors; or they may want to film a conference for future use. Commercials, promotional videos, training, and spots for the corporate website are also reasons to find a professional video crew for hire. Corporations with several branches, offices, or plants in multiple countries will not want to incur the expense of sending a camera crew and equipment to all their locations, nor will they have the need of a full time camera crew. Hiring local crews saves them a lot of time and money.

Many corporations, over half of those on the current Fortune 500 list, use one company to suit all their video production filming needs. The company has local crews in all major cities around the world that can handle small or large projects to suit the needs and preferences of corporations, independent production companies, non-profits, government agencies, and broadcast clients as well. Freelance camera crews in los angeles, for example, can be hired to film a seminar, commercial, fundraising appeal, or any type of event. Free quotes are available for professional crews that utilize state-of-the-art equipment in many formats. Services are affordable because there are no travel expenses, and no equipment to rent. Camera operators have no less than ten years of experience, so clients can be assured they will have top quality results from filming crews.

A production manager is assigned to each client to gather information, select a crew that has specific experience to match the project, answer any questions, and help with logistics. That same manager will also follow up after filming to ensure client satisfaction. The advantages include saving time and money assembling a crew, getting a crew whenever and wherever needed, and being able to focus on the content of the video instead of the filming of the video. Those interested can go to the company website for a complete list of equipment used, demonstration reels of previous work, video podcasts, and helpful links.